Rural development would be my passion- Rt Rev Awortwi Pratt

The Presiding Bishop Designate of the Methodist Church Ghana, Rt Revd Titus Awortwi Pratt has declared that rural development would be his passion when he takes over the reins of the church in October 2015.

The Bishop who is in London after attending the British Methodist Conference in Southport had an informal interaction with the leadership of the Ghanaian Methodist Fellowship-UK Chaplaincy at St Marks Methodist Church, Tottenham, on Tuesday 7 July 2015.

IMG_3513 (3)Rt. Reverend Titus Awortwi Pratt, Presiding Bishop designate, Ghana 

The chaplain Rev William Davis, Secretary and assistance secretary Tatah Amenonyoh and Clement Addai-Bempah briefed the Bishop about the work  the fellowship has done over the decade. The Bishop who was encouraged by what he heard challenged the leaders not to rest on their oars but press on to reach the whole of UK. He recalled that at a time when he was in England most of his friends and people he knew were Catholics and Anglicans and thanked the leadership for bringing many Ghanaian Methodists living in UK together.

IMG_3510Middle: Tatah Amenonyoh, GMF Secretary making a point

The Presiding Bishop designate told the gathering that amongst the places he has earmarked for development include the rural parts of Accra, Upper East and West and rural Volta.

The Bishop assured those in British Methodism who are sceptical about nationalist fellowships such as the Ghanaian Methodist Fellowship thinking we might end up having parallel churches that such thing would never happen. He said although the umbilical cord was broken in 1961, the historical relationship between Methodist Church Britain and Methodist Church Ghana is still strong that it cannot be broken.

Some leaders at the meeting shared some concerns they would want the Bishop to address when he takes over including equal distribution of resources across the north-south of Ghana, the finances of the Methodist University College Ghana, online communication and wealth creation.

IMG_3511Some fellowship leaders at the meeting

Moving forward with God: Are you ready?

Just as we rely on our electrical gadgets being charged, our Christian lives are also meant to be recharged or refueled by reading the word of God, praying, fasting and meditating on God’s word to ensure that we are constantly ready for whatever God requires us to do.

These were contained in a sermon delivered by Nessa Olu-Davies at GMF-UK Chaplaincy’s children/youth 11th anniversary thanksgiving service. The service was held at Westminster Central Hall on 8th February 2015. Speaking on the theme “Moving forward with God: Are you ready? Nessa said, “What we see as inactivity from our perspective is usually purposeful preparation from God’s perspective and as young people we need to be encouraged that those who wait upon the Lord will end up even stronger after they are renewed by Him”.


In moving forward with God, we will encounter trials of many kinds. Nessa said, these trials shouldn’t discourage us but rather helps in building up our faith. “If everything in our lives went on so smoothly, we wouldn’t recognize God and have that opportunity to develop our faith”. “ Consider it pure joy ….whenever you face trials of many kinds,  because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.’ (James 1:2-3).


Hard work produces good results right? To be able to get that ‘six pack’ or ‘toned abs’ that some of you may want, you might decide to sign up to the gym, this will require constant dedication, perseverance and constant working out for you to reap those benefits. To build your faith, you have to persevere through those experiences. “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus”. Philippians 3:14. You need to ensure that your eyes are always fixed on the prize and keep striving towards that goal.

The end result

Nessa concluded her sermon by assuring the young and the old congregation that our waiting and moving forward with God wouldn’t be in vain if our hearts are right with God. We were told in the Isaiah 40:31 “Those who wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength”. There are examples of people in the Bible who moved on and forward with God and were blessed abundantly such as the story of Job, Daniel, etc. Abraham’s faith was greatly tested when he was instructed to sacrifice his only son, this proves that faith that cannot be tested cannot be trusted.   Job and Abraham were ready to be moved forward with God and because they firmly and intimately trusted in Him, God was able to use them for His glory.

NessaNessa Olu-Davies delivering a sermon

WF told to be channel of revival

The GMF-UK Chaplaincy Women’s Fellowship has been charged to lead the crusade for revival in the Methodist church in Britain. Speaking at the Women’s Fellowship 10th Anniversary Thanksgiving service at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, Deacon Myrtle Poxon, told the gathering, “let the excitement in the GMF spur you on to cause revival in your local Methodist church”.

wf-groupMembers of the Women’s Fellowship during the service

Recounting her recent two weeks experience in Ghana, Deacon Myrtle said she was encouraged by so many things in Ghana. He said the large church attendance with some churches having two services are testimonies that the Holy Spirit is still firing people on.

Speaking on the theme “Show me the way I should go”, she told the congregation the surest way of knowing God’s purpose for you is to stay connected to God- spending time with God; reading your Bible and continuous prayers.

The Women’s Fellowship whose aim is to strengthen Christian women and enrich them to serve Jesus Christ and the church has existed in Ghana over 80 years. The GMF-UK Chaplaincy branch was launched in 2004 with fourteen members. It currently has 40 active members all worshipping in local Methodist churches across London.

The Fellowship gives annually to number of organisations including- Rafiki Orphanage, Methodist Women Training Centre, Lawra Nutrition Centre, Accra Psychiatric Hospital all in Ghana. In UK, the fellowship supports organisations such as Action for Children, and Methodist Home for the Aged (MHA).

The Fellowship holds its monthly meeting (fourth Saturday of the month) at Methodist Central Hall, Emmanuel Room.

PreacherMyrtle Poxon is a Methodist Deacon serving in the New River Circuit, London


Vida Mainoo sets out Junior Fellowship priorities

Vida Asamoah Mainoo has set out her priorities for the GMF Junior Fellowship. In an interview with the GMF communication team, Sis Vida Mainoo who accepted the challenge to set up GMF Sunday school in 2004, and continues to be in charge has outlined her 5 points vision which includes “mini all night prayers” for the youth.

It was in 2004 when the then president of Susanna Wesley Mission Auxiliary (SUWMA), Mrs Grace Acheampong asked Sis Vida Mainoo if she could set up GMF Sunday school which she gladly accepted. The GMF Sunday school now known as Junior Fellowship recently celebrated its 10 anniversary, with Sis Vida Mainoo, the founding teacher still at the realm of affairs. We asked sis Vida to share her thought about the work of the Junior Fellowship.

  1.    What motivated you most to accept to be GMF Sunday school teacher ten years ago?

From a very early age I’ve always loved children and wanted to have a positive input on the future generations. GMF Sunday School was another platform for me to achieve that.

   2.     Do you remember your first lesson?

Very well. I remember the first lesson entitled “How to use the Bible and Prayer”. Prayer being the most significant avenue to hear from God, and using the tools effectively to help a child know they can pray any time and anywhere.

 3.   Ten years on what are your personal highs and lows?

I think I can sum this up in one chapter. In 2009 I fell down some stairs and broke my ankle. I had no choice but to be off from work and all duties for 2 months. I had never been on crutches before either! Although this may have been seen as a disadvantage, it was in this period that I was able to be at home and laminate all the bookmarks the children had made to raise funds for the Rafiki Orphange. That very situation taught me God always has a plan, and he will see you through!    

 4.   Apart from the Sunday school and the mission trips, what other children/youth activity would you want GMF to consider?

Funds permitting, Children’s mini retreats, within UK. There are many organisations which have these facilities for children. This will expand their knowledge of God and have fun at the same time.

5.   Do you think the Junior Fellowship needs more teachers and what could GMF do to attract more volunteers?

The junior fellowship is now under the umbrella of GMF and so, I have in the past, requested one volunteer from each fellowship/organisation within the GMF. It could be a position in each fellowship as Junior Fellowship rep on yearly rotation basis.  This will help existing teachers to have sabbatical and also for others to benefit from teaching and be involved in the mission trips.

 6.   Do you think there would always be volunteers or you foresee a future where the GMF will have to pay people to teach the Sunday school? 

I don’t think we should entertain cash payment for such a role. We have to ask ourselves, will we be attracting the right people for the teaching and skills to care for children.

 7.   What necessitated the change of name from children/youth to junior fellowship?

Our children simply grew up! The founding members of GMF Sunday school are now in their teens and early 20’s. The revised name also encourages the transition to the main GMF. As well as teaching from 3 years old!

 8.   If you’re to make a five year plan for the junior fellowship what would be your five main priorities?

  • Giving the children more platforms to learn more about Christ.
  • Financially sufficient for more recreational activities
  • Create ‘mini’ all night prayers for the youth and enhance prayer time with the young ones.
  • More interaction with junior worshippers in Ghana.
  • For Junior Fellowship to grow and create a Music School.  

 9.   Do you have a personal ambition to become GMF SUWMA President one day?

Ha ha ha! Maybe in about 10 years time! I’m still learning and would like to be fully committed. Thank you for holding me in high esteem.

ImageSis Vida Mainoo- founder of GMF Sunday school

Interview by Felix Adoko Otabil

GMF Elect New Secretaries

The Ghanaian Methodist Fellowship-UK Chaplaincy has through its highest decision making body, Chaplaincy Management Committee (CMC), elected Brother Tatah Amenonyoh as its new secretary. The election took place at the committee’s first meeting in the New Year on Friday 3 January 2014.

Bro Tatah, a lecturer of Information Systems at Thames Valley University and a member of Walworth Methodist Church, Camberwell, takes over from Brother Godfried Gyasi-Addo who steps down after six years in office. Brother Tatah is currently the vice chairman of GMF Men’s fellowship and a member of Youth & Ministries Committee. Having represented the Men’s fellowship at CMC meetings for the past two years, bro Tatah ascends to the highest office of GMF with ample experience.

Tatah would be assisted by bro Clement Addai-Bempah who was also elected at the same meeting. Bro Clement is a founding member of GMF and former treasurer of the fellowship.


Left: Outgoing secretary bro Gyasi-Addo handing over file to (Right) assistant secretary elect, bro Clement Addai-Bempah, (Middle) outgoing assistant secretary sis Millicent Acquah.

The outgoing secretaries congratulated the new ones and wished them every success. The chaplain, Rev William Davis thanked the outgoing secretaries for their commitment and dedication over the past six years.