Susanna Wesley Mission Auxiliary (SUWMA)



  • It shall be the prime aim of SUWMA to endeavour to enlist all women who are full members of the Methodist Church.
  • To inculcate in the members the spirit of Holiness and Godly living, both at home, in the Church and in society.
  • To teach members to give prime attention to the nurturing of children in the Christian Faith.
  • SUWMA shall endeavour to enlist children in the ages 8 to 17 into JUNIOR SUWMA at the society level. These shall preferably be the children of SUWMA members at the initial stages.
  • To assist in the Welfare and Training of Ministers of the Church.
  • To embark upon literacy education among women who can neither read nor write.
  • To assist in the cleaning, decorating of chapels, church premises and manses.
  • To help serve refreshments and food during various meetings of the church.
  • To embark on visitation to prisons, hospitals, the aged and destitute in the church and society in general.
  • To put in place special programmes such as pre-marital, continuous marital counselling and career counselling.
  • To provide training in cottage industry as so to eliminate poverty and crime in society.
  • To co-operate in whatever ways possible with other organisations in the church to win souls and build the body of CHRIST.

List of current serving officers of SUWMA:

President – Nana Dormon


Vice President
Secretary –