Christ Little Band (CLB)

CLBWe are the oldest and indigenous organisation within the Methodist Church Ghana. Christ Little Band seeks to produce leaders among the Lay and the Clergy. The band specializes in lyrics singing during church service, camp meetings, evangelism, and crusades.

Objectives of CLB

  • To deepen the Christ faith of its members through Bible study, prayer and fellowship
  • To help members witness to Christ in their daily lives
  • To promote practical Christian values through acts of mercy, care and benevolence.

CLB Motto:

In English: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

In Akan: Yeye kor a yegyina, yepaapaa mu a yehwe ase.


The GMF CLB meets on third Saturday of each month between 3-5.30pm at Mare Street Methodist Church, Hackney.

Current Executives of CLB