SUWMA UK visits SUWMA Modena, Italy

During the summer of 2016, information reached SUWMA-UK Executives and membership, of a branch formation in Modena, an Italian town in Europe by some female members of a Ghanaian Methodist congregation under Methodist Church Italy: Opera Per Le Chiese Evangeliche Metodiste, within the Bologna District.

The ladies had learnt of an existing SUWMA branch in UK and sought to seek out the ‘mother branch’ for support and direction.

Having verified their existence, Rev. William Davis and CMC were informed accordingly, who in turn fully directed and supported any positive initiative/s that presented themselves. Communication was established over a period, which necessitated a visit to Modena by SUWMA-UK.

A five Executive-member delegation from SUWMA-UK led by Sister Elizabeth Owoo-President, including Sisters Ama Brehene-Ankah, Eve Degraft, Nana Aba Hamoah Dormon and Agnes Bemma Tawiah armed with experience and knowledge of the Organisation, undertook the trip to Modena from Friday 18th–Sunday 20th November 2016

Delegation were met by members of SUWMA-Modena at Bologna Airport, accorded the unmatchable Ghanaian hospitality, albeit, away from home.

Both branches’ representatives observed the necessary protocol and set to work on the same evening.

Friday Prayer Meeting: Attended the church’s scheduled prayer meeting with a delegation member as the Guest Preacher. She gave a very inspiring sermon on leadership.

Saturday Morning: Curtesy calls were made on Rev. Michel Charbonnier-Chair of Bologna District and Rev. Dominic K Danso, newly appointed Chaplain to the Ghanaian congregation. The District Chair was particularly pleased about the visit, applauded such fostering of relations which serve to cement integration.

He stated his delight and support to church organisations among congregations that enrich fortunes of churches and members’ lives through diversity. The latter, was just as delighted to see such strong ties built, was looking forward to many such inspiring exchanges on various fronts in times ahead on both sides.

Return from Bologna to Modena: A structured programme with topics on SUWMA presentations were delivered by each delegate. Topics covered were:

  • Opening Prayer and Devotion
  • Welcome and Introductions by both branches
  • Fraternal Greetings from Rev. William Davis, CMC and GMF-UK Chaplaincy
  • Life of Mrs. Susanna Wesley
  • History of SUWMA-Ghana and SUWMA-UK to-date
  • Aims and Objectives, Ideals, Charity Works
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Officers
  • Achievements and Challenges (Handling same)
  • Preparation towards Elections, Inauguration and Inductions
  • Forum for Questions and Answers
  • Learning of Hymns and Songs
  • Gift Presentations by both Branches
  • General Advice
  • Benediction and Close

Patrons/nesses’ High: At the end of the symposium, delegates were spoiled with a feast of every pizza variety available in Modena, washed down with as many drinks as possible. SUWMA-Modena Patrons, YOU ROCK!! Thank you.

Sunday-Final Day of Trip:  Delegates attended and fully participated in a pre-service bible study class. A highly spirit-charged devotion, thanksgiving and praises session preceded an inspiring service with sermon on integration, unity and leadership from Rev. Michel, the District Chair who purposely preached on this day in honour of the UK visiting team-in this case, “five wise women” come in search of a baby born in Italy.

Another spread of lunch feast followed service, then farewells were bid and return to UK. Thank God for travel mercies.

Feedback from Church elders, congregation, SUWMA-Modena membership, patrons/nesses and other organisations were positive, people had been inspired.

SUWMA Modena’s fervent prayers are not to rest on their laurels, but to work assiduously with the information, knowledge and experience imparted to them, to aid their growth spiritually to become committed members of SUWMA, co-operate and support ministers, church elders, other organisations.

To recognize the organisation as a branch of the church body. To undertake charity works which is the hallmark of SUWMA. To work diligently towards Inauguration in the summer of 2017, hoping as many SUWMA-UK and GMF-UK members could attend.

Appreciation: On behalf of SUWMA-UK and SUWMA-Modena, A BIG THANK YOU to:

Rev. William Davis, CMC, Revd. Michel, Rev. Dominic Danso, Bro. Richard Kofi Ampofo-Lay-Chair of Methodist Church-Italy, Mr. Roy Crowder-World Church Relations Office Britain, for their immense support before and after the trip.

To mention a few very outstanding personalities: Auntie Mary and husband, Evangelist Obotan and Sister Sabina, Bro. Emmanuel Agyepong-Chairman MF-Modena and patron to SUWMA-Modena, Sis. Hannah Asieduwaa-Frempong, Sister Victoria Klu, Nana Agyeiwaa, Sis. Sophia, Nana Gyimah-Damptey, the audio operating young men, who made our electronic presentations possible and many more. We say thank you.

Beloved, Let Us Love’