Tottenham GMF donates £2,500 towards a new manse

The Ghanaian Methodist Fellowship in Tottenham has donated Two Thousand Five Hundred Pounds (£2,500), towards the building of a new manse in Nalogni in Yendi circuit, Northern Ghana Diocese.

The need for the manse came to light during the ministerial trip organised by the Ghanaian Methodist Fellowship-UK Chaplaincy in conjunction with the London District of the Methodist Church in January. The ministerial trip is an opportunity for ministers in Britain and other European countries to travel to Ghana to exchange ideas with their Ghanaian colleagues and learn the Ghanaian culture. Since the trip in January many ministers have helped in various ways towards the building of the manse. In August, Rev David Hardman, Walworth Methodist church cycled 100 mile to raise money towards the building of the manse. The new manse is estimated to cost around £8,000.

The Tottenham Ghanaian Methodist Fellowship was moved by the gesture of the ministers and decided to join in the fund raising. The money was raised at a Thanksgiving service to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the fellowship.

The afternoon service held at St Mark’s Methodist church, Tottenham on 26 July was attended by many local Ghanaian Methodist fellowships across the city of London. The fellowship which was started with 50 members currently has 110 members.

IMG_4011Some members of the Tottenham Fellowship

Speaking on the theme– Rekindle the Fire, Rev William Davis, the chaplain of the Ghanaian Methodist Fellowship-UK Chaplaincy said the choice of the theme means the fellowship accepts that the fire it once had is quenched and needs to be rekindled. He told the fellowship that to rekindle the fire they must first do a post mortem to find out what quenched the fire. Once the causes are found they would be able to take steps to get the fire back.

IMG_3981A full church service

The congregation was entertained by David’s Harp-the music group of the fellowship.