Chaplain’s Christmas Message: Putting right what we did wrong

The Chaplain Rev William Davis has asked Christians to use the season of Yuletide to reflect on activities of the past year, putting right what we did wrong. In his Christmas message, Rev Davis ask Christians to reflect why Christ Jesus came into the world.

Strength and Encouragement

Christ came into the world to provide forgiveness for sinners who would ask Christ to be their Saviour. Some of us may be facing various trials and tribulations in our daily lives. We may be enduring intimidation or coercion from unbelieving family or friends. We may find ourselves a minority as Christians, in a culture that is worldly in its environs. We do not have to be afraid. There are thousand things in this dangerous world of ours that can cause a heart to quake, a resolve to crumble, a spirit to tremble. We need to be strong. Our God will come with vengeance. We should not make it our business to retaliate, or seek revenge against those who wrong, harm or malign us. If you read Romans 12:19, God is the great avenger who will right every wrong, and he does not need our intervention. He will come and save us. God is everywhere with us all the time. Yet, we do not always see his delivering hand immediately at work in our circumstances.

However, if the guilt of our sins have invaded our carefully protected peace of mind and we see ourselves as being in opposition to a holy and good God, then this admonition will be a welcome relief to our souls. If you have been stumbling over the question, “What can I do? What should I do?” then the answer is repent, and be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ as only in Christ is forgiveness of sins to be found; there is no other way to clean our record up on our own by ourselves. But through Jesus Christ we can find remission of our sins.


We are all sinners. Our thoughts, actions, and words are tainted with selfishness, pride and idolatry. We need forgiveness. While we may have hurt friends or family along the way, the one whom everyone has offended is God. But how can we be forgiven? No matter how good or charitable you may be, you cannot undo the sins you have committed in the past. You cannot earn forgiveness by doing good works. Your sins have been forgiven through faith in Jesus Christ. And if God has so freely and sacrificially forgiven you, how should you respond to others? If you have not earned God’s forgiveness, but instead received it freely, why would you make others earn your forgiveness ?


If we have anything against any one, Jesus says, forgive them from your heart before you seek to pray to your Heavenly Father. Do not presume to ask for forgiveness that you are not yourself willing to grant others. Let us use this Yuletide to reflect on our activities in the past year, putting right what we did wrong and starting afresh in the new year as Christian Brothers and Sisters in the true sense of the word. Amen

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Behind the pulpit with Nana Arhin Suronku- Lindsay 1

The GMF -UK Chaplaincy is fortunate to have many Local Preachers actively preaching in many circuits. This interview segment is intended to find preachers experiences and views.

Q1. Share with us what prompted your call to preach.

Answer: Since the turn of the century, I felt I needed to contribute (by active participation) to the life of my local church and circuit, so I initially joined the church choir; but the spiritual prompting continued to “haunt” me that I am not doing enough- and eventually I requested a Note to Preach from my Minister. I was introduced to the Preachers’ meeting , and the rest as they say is history.

Q2. What is your favourite hymn?

Answer: My favourite hymn among many others is Begone, unbelief; my Saviour is near. As Christians we face ever increasing temptations in our lives, and this is one of the hymns that assures me that Jesus is always present around me ( only if I take everything to the Lord in prayer); thus the devil cannot win me over to the path of destruction.

Q3. Who is your favourite character in the Bible?

Answer: My favourite character in the Bible (again among many others), is a character who wasn’t named but features as a servant in the “Parable of the
Unforgiving Servant” (Matthew 18: 21-35). A wonderful demonstration of the need to forgive one another all the time.

Q4. Are you a traditional or contemporary?

Answer: I am a mixture of both traditional and contemporary- helps one to reach out to every part of the scripture.

Q5. When did you last preach in the GMF service or event?

Answer: I preached at the GMF monthly worship at Westminster Central Hall on Sunday 12 October 2014.

Q6. Do you have any suggestion in the area of preaching?

Answer: Yes, I have always recommended that all Local Preachers should be assisting the Chaplain with the huge job of visiting the sick/ home bound and bereaved members of the GMF, because the Chaplain alone cannot do all on his own and those who are left out do complain bitterly.

Q7. What suggestion do you have for those considering the call to preach or on Note/ Trial?

Answer: For those considering the call to preach, I will advice that they pray about it until they are certain God is calling them to the preaching ministry. As for those preachers on Trial/Note, please never cease praying and always consult the accredited Local Preachers for help and discussions about Biblical topics.

Q8. What was the thrust of your last sermon?

Answer: Based on the scripture in John 15:9-17 and Judges 7:2-22, the message was the need for believers to remain in Jesus, because we are totally dependent on Him for our lives. For if each of us remain in position in Christ, with respect and love for one another, we will surely grow spiritually, flourish and produce more fruits to His glory. Again, the vine in this scripture paints a wonderful picture of the church, rooted and grounded in Jesus, with His life flowing through us to produce beauty and comfort.

Q9. What should be done about the falling church attendance in the UK?

Answer: We should not be discouraged but carry on to look out for those who need salvation and bring them to Jesus. If each and everyone of us who are regular should offer to take one person to church each time we attend, the church will grow. So don’t tell him/her to come, tell him/her you will come and pick them up and go together. Above all, we should take this matter to The Lord in prayer.

Q10. Apart from the pulpit, where and how do you share the word of God?

Answer: I happen to lead local groups in my church. I am also a leader in various church organisations and I share the word of God to all these gatherings. Also, in my individual conversations with many brothers and sisters especially non- Christians, I share the word of God with them.

Nana Arhin Suronku-Lindsay 1 received his accreditation as Local Preacher in 2003. He preaches in Battersea & Wandle Valley Circuit